Standard 61, Drinking Water Components – Health Effects, Section 8. Proof of certification is required. c. Brass fittings and valves shall comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. d. All brass fittings and valves shall have the manufacturers name or trademark integrally stamped or cast on it.. "/>

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Water pipes have been used extensively in the past as a grounding electrode. Water pipe connections are not testable and are unreliable due to the use of tar coatings and plastic fittings. City water departments have begun to specifically install plastic insulators in the pipelines to prevent the flow of current and reduce the corrosive effects. Check where the water main comes into the foundation. If its 30 years old, you probably have galv or copper. If the line coming in is galv, shut off the water and take a look at the fittings, especially if it is a 90 degree. If it is going to close in, it would there first. We replace our water line due to a leak, the old was cement lined galv.

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